Brittany Cheyanne Cole

May 2, 2021

2 min read

The Internet of Things

For my final project I wanted to reflect on the way we can use the internet to improve the effects of climate change. Starting out with the internet of things we can see how by using these innovative ideas we will be able to rapidly cut down on the amount of energy we are using. The internet would be able to help cut down on energy use because of how quickly information is able to be spread. The communication is so quick there would not be any time left for energy wasted. We would be using our resources as best we can, and as quickly as possible.

Major corporations are going to end up being benefited by using the internet of things as well because of how efficient it truly is. We will be able to cut down on how much time and energy we are using thus saving money as well. Giving people who live in more rural areas access to internet devices would be a positive effect as well. The better connected people are, the better access they have to new and innovative ideas. With better education on the effects of climate change we would be able to prevent it more easily.

Technology could also benefit us in being able to track the quality of the air. If people were visibly able to see the pollution levels of the air they breathe, they would be more likely to make a change about. Having access to different internet resources gives people the opportunity to become more aware of the world around them. IOT is going to be able to offer a lot of benefits to people and to major corporations. This is going to make everyone a lot more likely to want to move in this direction. The use of the internet is going to be able to help us drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

I chose to do my final project on the use of the internet fighting climate change because I feel as if there are a lot of misunderstandings surrounding climate change. It is typically seen as something too monstrous to fight, but it does not have to be so hard. With better resources and access to good quality education we could be allowing everyone to know what they should do to reduce their own carbon footprint. The internet allows us to communicate on an intensely quick level. There would not be any room for error, or for anyone missing out on key information.


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